Melania Trump publicly snubs Donald Trump ahead of Stormy Daniels interview

In the time since Donald Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels and the subsequent payoff to keep her quiet became public, Melania Trump hasn’t publicly said a word against her husband. She has, however, found various not-so-subtle ways of snubbing him and getting her message across. She arrived separately at the State of the Union. She’s refused to hold his hand in public. Now, with Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview about to air, Melania has made a point of snubbing Donald yet again.

Even after Trump’s White House released an official schedule stating that Donald and Melania would depart the White House together on their way to Mar-a-Lago for the weekend, Donald ended up departing on his own, with Melania leaving the White House separately, according to a new CNN report (link). Melania has done these kinds of things several times since the affair and payout became public, but this is the first instance in some time. With the Daniels interview airing tomorrow, and an interview with former Trump mistress Karen McDougal having aired yesterday, this cannot be seen as a coincidence. So what now?

Thus far Melania Trump has limited herself to merely snubbing Donald for all to see, without directly speaking out against him. But Donald’s extramarital scandals are growing worse as more women come forward, and as their stories paint him as ever more reprehensible. This leads to the question of if and when Melania might finally begin publicly attacking him, which would come at the worst possible time, as his various scandals eat him alive.

There has been widespread speculation about the nature of the prenuptial agreement between Donald and Melania Trump, but in reality little if anything is known about its contents. Some have speculated that the agreement might allow Trump to have affairs. However, a legal expert has informed Palmer Report that such a clause would likely be legally invalid, as adultery is a crime under the law in several states, and contracts centering around illegal behavior are unenforceable. At what point might she try to leave him? How much uglier is this about to get for Donald Trump?

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