Donald Trump needs medical attention

“President” Donald Trump needs medical attention. It is becoming increasingly clear that this administration’s corruption knows no limits and has spiraled out of control. Today’s statement by Trump that he would accept intelligence from foreign powers is astounding, as Palmer Report reported earlier.

A big reason for this is that the feckless GOP gaggle in Congress has given Trump a blank check. They have not restrained him on any level and we are now seeing the ramifications of a narcissistic yet addled individual not being checked but having hundreds of co-dependents as he takes the nation to the brink of the cliff.

Perhaps most troubling in recent days is the Department of Justice and the filings it is making on behalf of Trump under the guidance of Attorney General William “Fu” Barr. (FuBarr stands for “F’d Up Beyond All Republican Recognition.”) We are in amazingly troubling times, with the DOJ asserting in court filings that we are very close to the law providing that Supreme Court justices must release their financial statements – perhaps a warning or “shot across the bow” towards the newest Justice to have joined the Court – and also stating that only the Executive Branch could determine if it had violated law. Trump takes the preposterous position that except for impeachment proceedings, Congress has no power in the efforts it is undertaking in “trying to prove that the President broke the law” and that such investigative powers are “an exercise of law enforcement authority that the Constitution reserves to the executive branch.”

These are signs of Trump being on a crazy dictatorial train, and the conductor and engineers being the GOP. Neal Katayal and George Conway wrote a fabulous editorial on the issue today, but there is not a single SOB in the GOP who’s willing to stand up against this.

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