Donald Trump gives deranged new interview to ABC News, vows to commit even more treason

Donald Trump is at rock bottom. New poll numbers show that he’s on track to get blown out in 2020 on a historical level. He may not even last that long, considering how quickly the House probes into his criminal scandals are now moving. Hope Hicks just agreed to testify against him next week. So how’s Trump responding to his own downfall? He’s vowing to commit even more treason.

Trump’s tweets and rants of late have made clear that he’s in a more mentally unstable and psychologically fragile place than ever. For some reason, his handlers thought that this would be a good time to sit him down for a non-friendly television interview with ABC News – or perhaps his handlers couldn’t stop him. Either way, Trump just proceeded to strongly make the case for his immediate removal from office.

Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos during the ABC interview that if a foreign power offers him dirt or help against his opponent in the 2020 election, “I think I’d take it.” Make no mistake here. Robert Mueller’s lack of prosecutorial imagination aside, Donald Trump is confessing to his intention to commit a felony. And if he’s talking about taking new dirt from a nation like Russia, which has committed an act of cyber war against the United States in the name of getting Trump elected, then Trump is talking about treason.


This interview alone is impeachable. It’s also grounds for the 25th Amendment. For that matter, it’s grounds for the FBI to march into the White House and arrest Donald Trump on the spot. This treasonous lunatic must be ousted from office, by any legal means necessary. It’s also more clear than ever that once Trump is removed from office, he’s going to prison for the rest of his life.

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