Donald Trump suffers bizarre Twitter malfunction, appears to publicly reveal some kind of internal communication

Who is Chris? Why is Donald Trump so worried about whether Chris is a good speller? And what does Chris have to do with Geraldo Rivera? These are the questions Americans are left asking tonight after Trump suffered such a bizarre Twitter malfunction, it threatens to surpass “covfefe” in terms of sheer weirdness.

Here’s the full text of Donald Trump’s tweet: “is = if (Spell)! Not like Chris.” Yep, that’s it. That’s all he tweeted. In the process, he quoted this tweet from his sometimes-ally Geraldo Rivera, but it doesn’t provide any clues as to what Trump is talking about: “This is the same Bill Maher who accused Donald Trump of being “Putin’s Bitch” and a traitor. He also owes me a grand bet that there was collusion with Russia, another of Maher’s delusions.”

Respondents were quick to pounce on the gibberish tweet, with some asking Donald Trump if he’d suffered a stroke or needed medical attention. But in reality, it seems unlikely that Trump typed this tweet himself. Instead it appears to be some kind of internal instruction or conversation within Trump’s social media team that wasn’t supposed to be tweeted publicly. It came in the midst of a number of late night retweets from Trump’s account, which we’ve always doubted were actually done by him.

If there’s an upshot here – beyond the fact that we all deserve a good opportunity to laugh at Donald Trump’s idiocy – it’s that things are more disheveled on his end than ever. After he ludicrously announced this morning that the 2020 polls are fake and he’s somehow magically in the lead, Trump’s campaign communications director was forced to cover for him by falsely announcing that this is indeed the case. Now we’ve got Trump’s Twitter account posting gibberish in the middle of the night about someone named Chris.

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