Matt Gaetz is going to take people down with him

While Ginger Luckey and Matt Gaetz pose “still smitten” in photos for social media, Gaetz’s ex is now testifying in front of a grand jury related to his alleged underage sex trafficking scandal. To remind you, this is the same ex- girlfriend who was reportedly on the three-way call Gaetz had with another woman who was already cooperating with the feds and who was recording it. At the very least, Gaetz will be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, an even further outrageous reason why he should not be sitting on the judicial committee.


Matt Gaetz is toast. But the beautiful thing here is that there is no way Gaetz is seeing himself go to prison. He’s such a weasel that he will surely sing at the first raw night in county lockup. And who will he be ratting on? His close pals include Roger Stone, Rick DeSantis, and certainly Trump since he and Ginger spent their New Year’s Eve at Mar-A-Lago. Let’s remember that Greenberg’s investigation has also reportedly included the Secret Service, which could be for financial crimes such as trying to buy a pardon.

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