Beto O’Rourke comes out swinging

An adventure lies ahead outlined on the horizon, and this adventure involves all of us. And it also involves Beto O’Rourke. Beto’s going on the road! According to “Beto for Texas,” the campaign is “planning to travel everywhere.”

They “plan to meet with voters in every part of the state.” They want to form a coalition — of Democrats, independents, first-time voters. The time is now for Texas. It is vitally important for Beto to win this year. Think of how much change he can bring if he does. It would be literally saving Texas.

Beto has just hosted his first El Paso campaign event, where hundreds of people showed up. He is starting well. And it appears Greg Abbott is aware of this .

Abbott appears nervous about Beto. He appears to be running on strengthening the border.
We might laugh at that strategy, but there will be a lot of Texans who will get on board with Abbott. We have to make sure WE have more Texans with US than with Abbott.

Texas is so close. They are so close to turning Purple. In many ways, they already are. This could be the year, though. Abbott has shown a level of incompetence, which has hurt the lone-star state badly. And a great deal of people know it.

But Texas is enormous — the second-biggest state in our union. And there are many small rural towns that are made up of old-school Republicans – people who see an R next to the name and just vote on that.

So it is vital we reach EVERYONE we can. It is so important to sign up new voters and involve every Texan in discussion.


And it would appear Beto is doing just that. So let’s wish him luck in his travels as he and his campaign embark on a state-wide campaign to turn the pendulum firmly toward a blue wave.

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