DOJ begins indicting and arresting January 6th organizers for “seditious conspiracy”

Being right can be extremely satisfying, especially when it concerns psychotic insurrectionists. Palmer Report has stood firm in our belief that there was much going on behind the scenes at the Justice Department. While many other Pundits whined and wrung their hands, we remained confident in AG Garland and what was really going on. And now it’s happened. Seditious Conspiracy.

For so long, republicans AND some democratic pundits have whined that the insurrection was NOT an insurrection because few were actually charged with sedition. Well, that argument just went up in a puff of smoke. Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the alt-right group “The Oath keepers,” has been arrested — and charged.

He was charged with seditious conspiracy. It was not just Rhodes. About ten other Oath Keepers were arrested and charged with the same thing. Never underestimate Justice. But Justice takes time. It involves hard work by tough-as-nails-prosecutors.
And now we are beginning to see the results.

This news tells us so much. Contrary to many in the media’s attempts to besmirch him, Merrick Garland isn’t afraid. He is a mighty rock, and so is his team. The level of work they must have done even to get this far — the complexity and scope of these investigations — is mind-boggling.

Please expect to hear howls of indignation from some of the more pathetic members of the insurrection party. These folks will be frantic to explain this all away. So will Fox Death-news if Fox even bothers covering the story at all.

As for Rhodes himself? He is in deep trouble. He stands accused of engaging in a plan to overturn democracy with violence. Please remember those words “Seditious Conspiracy.”


Remember them because these are the words that so many Republicans used as talking points in saying the insurrection was not an insurrection. The Republicans attempted to “1984” us. It didn’t work. It won’t ever work. Thank you, Attorney General Garland, and thank you to all the hard-working members of the Justice Department.

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