The fall of Tucker Carlson

I wrote an article the other day about Tucker Carlson and the new trouble he is in. To briefly recap: Tucker is as unhinged as ever, and he once again brought up what is known as the “great replacement theory,” a racist belief promoted by White nationalists.

So there are now calls for his firing again. I listed some of the major advertisers of Fox death news. But so many of you have questions about Tucker. I thought I’d try to answer them.

First off, I have heard of the movement “unfox my cable box.” While I admire the intentions of this group, I believe there are some reasons why going after advertisers might be better.

This movement would take MILLIONS of people to succeed. Also, in many places, people CAN’T ask their providers not to add Fox. It does not always work like that.

I like the idea of the advertisers also because it keeps Tucker’s despicable behavior in the news. But I will be frank. Getting this cockroach off the air will not be easy. His show IS highly rated, and Fox is entirely profit-driven.

But it can be done. Patience is required. I believe there will come a day when Tucker will go too far. Also, I think when that happens, Fox will pull the plug on his show.
Remember back to Bill O’Reilly. He was beloved by Fox viewers. And then remember his scandal.

He was dumped so quickly it could have made one’s head spin. Fox would not even allow him on the screen to say goodbye to his fans. In a matter of hours, they had erased him from their network.

It can happen with Tucker, but the scandal will have to be HUGE. It will have to be bigger than a few racist words because sadly, everyone KNOWS Tucker is racist, and many still watch anyway. I have a few ideas about what Tucker might do. I have no idea how long it will take, but I believe it will happen.

But patience is needed on this one. And in the meantime, I think it is essential to continue to pressure the companies who persist in their advertising on a network filled with hate and owned by profitability.