Matt Gaetz gets desperate

Last month federal prosecutors let it be known through the media that they were looking to criminally indict Matt Gaetz sometime in July. Last week Gaetz’s pal Joel Greenberg sought and received a sentencing delay because of how useful he’s proving as a witness. Gaetz’s time is increasingly short, and his odds of weaseling out of the charges are likely growing worse.

Matt Gaetz is doing very little to try to make himself look innocent or reasonable. Instead he posted this particularly deranged tweet last night:

There are a few problems here. For one thing, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that George Washington ever said these words; the only instances of this quote on the internet are from Gaetz himself. But the false quote is the least of Gaetz’s problems here.

Gaetz seems to be fancying himself as the next George Washington. But given that Washington led an armed attack after crossing the Delaware, Gaetz’s tweet reads just shy of calling for a rebellion against the government.

This is dangerous stuff. It’s also a sign of just how desperate Matt Gaetz is. He knows he’s likely weeks, or even days, away from being arrested on some ugly criminal charges. At this point all he can still do is shout into the abyss about how he’s somehow the hero of this saga.

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