Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to be sorry she picked this fight

We knew it had to happen. The GOP’s platform seems to consist entirely of “We hate the world.” I am serious. This should be their slogan. First, it was our friends in blue whom they abandoned. Then it was our great military. Now the hatred has expanded to โ€“ wait for it โ€“ teachers!

One really should not be surprised, should one? It was always going to happen. Critical Race Theory is the new enemy of the GOP, although I highly doubt any of them know what it is. But they need an enemy; they need someone to blame for these “evil” teachings.

So, why not blame the teachers themselves? And that is precisely what the shameless insurrection party is doing. And it is starting with Marjorie Taylor Greene โ€“ of course, it is.

Greene (pathetic, insurrection party, Georgia) is now calling for all teachers who teach CRT to be fired. Of course, she is! Greene also insulted The American Federation of Teachers, basically calling them communists. Greene called for any teacher who teaches their students CRT to be fired on the spot.

So far, it’s crickets from the GOP in regards to these hateful words. At the rate the GOP is going, there will not be anybody to vote for them because they will have labeled the whole country as communists and traitors. I do wonder what group of people will be next. Greene’s statement was yet another moronic pile of hate.

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