Federal Election Commission complaint filed against rogue Republican

Wisconsin Democrats have filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against GQP member Derrick Van Orden. This complaint is based on Van Orden using leftover campaign funds in his unsuccessful attempt to unseat Ron Kind (D-WI) to travel to DC to attend the Orange Florida Man (OFM)’s pre terrorist attack rally in Washington on January 6 and was a bit closer to the site of the attack then he’d like us all to believe.

The complaint pointed out that Federal election law prohibited the use of campaign funds in this matter, and Van Order’s “campaign account is not his personal travel slush fund.”

Of course, Van Order is whining that the complaint is in bad faith and complaining that Rep. Kind missed votes to accompany the President on a trip to Wisconsin. And that the whole purpose of the trip was so that Biden could buy Rep. Kind ice cream. Spare me. Van Order sounds like the type who would skip not only votes, but also a family member’s wedding or funeral to attend an OFM event.

And Van Order likely took extensive notes from OFM, who has raised misusing campaign funds and government funds to an art form. Van Order needs to realize that Federal laws like the ones governing our elections have a purpose, and that purpose is to maintain the honor and integrity of government. Part of that is using campaign funds for proper purposes. I hope he’s held accountable like he would demand if the positions were reversed. But like all OFM disciples he’ll likely go from now until the opening of the seventh seal refusing to admit that he was in the wrong.

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