As Donald Trump circles the drain, his remaining staffers are eyeing a mass exodus

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When Robert Mueller indicted thirteen Russians two weeks ago for conspiring to rig the election in Donald Trump’s favor, it was abundantly clear that Trump’s illegitimate presidency was effectively over. Palmer Report predicted that we’d soon begin seeing a flood of major departures from the White House, as advisers and aides tried to get ahead of the inevitable. Now there’s confirmation that the mass exodus is indeed coming.

Sure, in the past two weeks we’ve seen the departures of Hope Hicks and Josh Raffel, along with the demotion of Jared Kushner, and the apparent impending departure of H.R. McMaster. But why haven’t we seen more names? Why haven’t the rank and file staffers begun quietly resigning in droves? As it turns out, they really want to, but they’ve become so tainted by the mere fact that they’ve worked for Trump’s criminal White House, they’re having trouble finding new jobs.

Hordes of Trump White House staffers have indeed begun plotting their exits, according to a new BuzzFeed expose (link). The trouble: they’ve got to work somewhere to pay the bills, and no respectable entity wants to hire someone who’s just finished working for Treason Incorporated. So now we know why more of them haven’t quit yet, and we know that they are indeed planning to leave in large numbers. At the rate things are collapsing, many of these folks will ultimately end up settling for undesirable new jobs they don’t want, just so they can get out the door.

The real upshot here is that even the people inside Donald Trump’s White House know that it’s over. We can’t predict how many more or few days, weeks, or months Trump might last before he finally acknowledges it’s over. But at this point everyone around him seems to have figured it out except him.

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