Donald Trump ally unloads on “Jackass” John Kelly – but is it all by design?

Anthony Scaramucci blasted John Kelly calling him “General Jackass” in an interview with Bloomberg News today. First of all, Scaramucci is a jackass, but I guess it takes one to know one. Secondly, who’s to say that all the people that have left since the appointment of Kelly in July didn’t need to leave in the first place? It’s starting to feel like Kelly is slowly cleaning house.

Scaramucci was the first to step down after his word vomit proved to be too extreme for the Trump administration, which is a feat in itself. Then it was Steve Bannon with his far-right policies and his liver spots. Sebastian Gorka departed, stating that he didn’t like the direction the administration was heading. Tom Price got caught up in scandal, which forced him to resign. Omarosa should have never been in her position in the first place. Most of the appointees lack the background for their job but Omarosa is just a special kind of stupid that needed to go. All of the aforementioned departures were just the outer layer of the onion, not including Bannon, who was at the stinky core.

Now it seems that Kelly is working his way into the onion’s core. Rob Porter and Kelly were close friends but many members of the White House staff were perplexed as to why Kelly vehemently defended Porter when the news broke of his past indiscretions and his security clearance (link). Perhaps his defense of Porter was due to a guilty conscience. Once the security issues were leaked, Kelly had a clear path to get Jared Kushner’s security clearance downgraded which SHOULD keep him at bay.

I’m not exactly saying that Kelly was the one to leak the stories but if he had something to do with it then he’s a manipulative genius. Now another loyalist is resigning, though the departure of Hope Hicks may hinge more on Mueller closing in than a casualty of John Kelly cleaning house.

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