Robert Mueller and the FBI are targeting Ivanka Trump

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Donald Trump is in the midst of his worst week to date. His closest adviser Hope Hicks just resigned on far less than good terms. He’s feuding with his son-in-law Jared Kushner over security clearances. The Trump-Russia criminal scandal is getting uglier for him by the day. What’s the worst thing that could happen to him right now? How about an FBI investigation of his daughter Ivanka? Well guess what, that’s precisely what’s now happening.

Palmer Report pointed out last year that the Trump-Russia investigation was logically going to eventually find its way to the Trump Organization’s shady international real estate deals over the years which have been spearheaded by Ivanka. Much of the public’s focus has been on the Trump SoHo deal with convicted Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater. But according to CNN it turns out the FBI is now focusing on a different deal, the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver, which was also spearheaded by Ivanka.

CNN isn’t willing to point out the obvious, which is that this a part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s overall Trump-Russia investigation. Numerous Trump Organization real estate deals have relied on shady foreign money, some of it Russian, much of it directly from notorious international criminal figures. These real estate projects, many of which ended up going bankrupt or were never even built to completion, have long looked like little more than excuses for facilitating money laundering. Mueller is already known to be focusing heavily on Trump’s decades-long international money laundering habit.

So we’ll see where this goes, what gets turned up, and what does or doesn’t get proven. But it’s now clear that the FBI and Robert Mueller are targeting Ivanka Trump in the Trump-Russia investigation. As we’ve said all along, this was inevitable. Investigators were always going to look to nail Donald Trump’s children as a way of softening him up for his eventual downfall.

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