Mary Trump rips Donald Trump to pieces

On Monday, Donald Trump gave a speech that was deranged even by his standards. He claimed that forest fires are caused by exploding trees (no really, he said this), and then he turned around and claimed that scientists are the ones who don’t know anything.

The shame of it is that because this whacked out clown is (for the moment) President of the United States, his speeches get aired live on television, meaning he gets to put these lies out there before they can be shot down. Let’s just say that Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump isn’t pleased about it.

Mary Trump tweeted this: “Donald knows nothing and he couldn’t care less about being informed. He shouldn’t be allowed—by anybody—to spew his ignorant, dangerous nonsense unchallenged in real time. The undermining of science, expertise, and sanity is weakening us, and it is getting people killed.”

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