Donald Trump has psychotic late night meltdown as Nevada goes wrong for him

With some of the states he won in 2016 now slipping away from him, Donald Trump spent the weekend moving on to Plan B, which consists of trying to make up the difference by making a long shot run at the blue-ish state of Nevada. To give you an idea of how badly things are falling apart for him, Trump’s flat broke campaign had to cancel its TV ads for the week in Nevada just as Trump was setting his sights on Nevada.

But Trump did achieve the narcissistic ego stroke of getting to hold dangerous indoor rallies full of idiots cheering for him, so we suppose in his mind, the trip wasn’t a total loss. That said, the Governor of Nevada spent the weekend going hard at Trump, making clear that the state is not ripe for whatever election antics Trump is planning.

Accordingly, Trump had this psychotic meltdown tonight: “We had great rallies this past weekend, after the Governor of Nevada worked very hard to cancel all of our venues. Despite the fact that he controls the state, he failed, but would have rather done rally outside. Can you imagine this man is in charge of the Ballots in Nevada!? Not fair, Rigged Election!
@GovSisolak, will use every trick in the book to cheat with Ballots.”

Well okay then. The telling part about this otherwise gibberish tweet is that Donald Trump is now hinting that he wants to go back to holding outdoor rallies. This suggests that Trump is either afraid he’s going to start losing legal battles over indoor rallies, or something has spooked him and he’s now afraid he’s going to catch the coronavirus at one of his own rallies.

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