Well we’re in it now

We’ve already known all along that the 2020 presidential election is for all the marbles. If Donald Trump wins, he’ll seize control over this country in a horrifying and unprecedented way, even more Americans will die, and we’ll never again be a democracy. But now the stakes have grown even higher.

Yesterday Donald Trump’s spokesman Michael Caputo called for violence, admitted he was hallucinating, and ended up deleting his Twitter account, in a reminder of just how unfit everyone in this hideous regime is. No wonder people are dying, the country is burning, and the economy is tanking; absolute lunatics like Trump and Caputo are in charge of it.

We also learned yesterday that Donald Trump’s immigrant concentration camps have been carrying out Nazi Germany level atrocities such as mass hysterectomies just to make sure the women can’t ever reproduce. This is horrifying beyond words. It’s the kind thing the United States has historically invaded other countries in the name of trying to stop. And it’s happening in United States concentration camps.

So this is where we’re at. We’re not just trying to remove the worst, most failed, most criminal President in United States history. We’re not even merely trying to remove a traitor who’s plotting with foreign enemies against the United States. We’re tasked with taking down a regime full of unstable madmen who are committing unspeakable atrocities. All we have to do is vote, and make sure others vote. It’s that simple, but it’s for all the marbles in the world.

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