Donald Trump’s stooge Mark Meadows melts down as finance scandal gets even uglier

For awhile now we’ve wondered why Mark Meadows gave up his seat in Congress just to preside over the Donald Trump administration’s funeral. Since joining Trump’s team, Meadows has ruined what little was left of his reputation, exposed himself to coronavirus, guaranteed he’ll never get his seat in Congress back, and seemingly has nothing to show for it.

But even as Meadows was melting down on television today, insisting that Donald Trump’s secret Chinese bank account isn’t weird because lots of regular Americans supposedly operate out of secret Chinese bank accounts, something particularly ugly was surfacing – about Meadows.

This morning, Salon published an expose into Mark Meadows’ campaign finance history which reveals that he’s apparently been spending all kinds of his House campaign money on personal expenses over the years – and that’s the kind of felony you go to prison for.

So it’s entirely plausible that Meadows took the Trump White House Chief of Staff job simply because he’s hoping Trump will pardon him on the way out the door. But then that’s probably true for half or more of Trump’s top political advisers and staff.