Donald Trump has whiny meltdown about the prospect of President Joe Biden

Even the ever-delusional Donald Trump seems to finally be figuring out that he’s on track to likely lose the election. Over the past week he’s begun acting even more unhinged than usual, while doing things like threatening to flee the country if he loses. Now Trump is outright melting down about the prospect of President Joe Biden.

Trump has a long documented history of making up phony stories in which an unnamed imaginary person tells him something that he wants to hear. The giveaway is that in Trump’s story, the imaginary person always calls him “sir.” Now Trump is telling a different kind of “sir” story at his rally tonight, and it involves Biden being called “sir.”

Trump’s story involves Joe Biden becoming President, and then someone coming up to Biden and falsely giving him credit for Trump’s (imaginary) prescription drug price reductions. Notably, in this story, the imaginary person is referring to Biden as “sir,” according to the intrepid Daniel Dale.

This is interesting because it points to Donald Trump now sitting around thinking about losing the election and Joe Biden becoming President, and worrying that Biden will get credit for Trump’s (nonexistent) accomplishments. It suggests that Trump is already thinking of his presidency in the past tense and expecting a Biden win. Now it’s our job to vote in record numbers and make this happen.

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