Rudy Giuliani caught in compromising video

Rudy Giuliani has been unraveling in front of our eyes for awhile now, and over the past few weeks he’s gone into total self destruct mode with a phony Hunter Biden laptop scandal that’ll likely add even more years to his inevitable prison sentence. But now Rudy has a whole new and different kind of problem.

The new Borat film shows Sacha Baron Cohen hiring a younger actress to interview and then seduce Rudy Giuliani, only for Borat to storm in an claim to be the woman’s father, and to claim that the woman is underage. To be clear, this is all a setup, and the woman was not underage. But the Guardian reports that by the time the whole thing had played out, Rudy was caught on secret camera reaching into his pants and playing with himself.


Wow, okay, we’re not even sure what to do with this. This is not a story that we had on our 2020 crazy bingo card. It’s not even clear that Rudy necessarily did anything illegal; it sounds like he was being seduced, the actress in question Maria Bakalova is apparently in her mid-twenties (not fifteen as the Borat character claims), it was in a private hotel room, and Rudy didn’t know he was being filmed. But still, how can the personal attorney for the President of the United States allow himself to get tricked into such a compromising position? Seriously, how far gone is Rudy that he didn’t know this was a setup?

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