Marjorie Taylor Greene just platform dived off the deep end

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is an idiot. I know you’re as tired of hearing me say that as I am saying it, but it bears repeating. With everything going on in Washington (debt ceiling, hint, hint), she’s worried about the January 6 tapes. Like Tucker Carlson, all she wants to do is put her own spin on things, but the fact will never change that a bunch of thugs broke into the Capitol and destroyed government property. Hell, if they hadn’t been able to hide members of Congress, we would have seen even more bloodshed than what was perpetrated against the police.

Greene said: “The American people deserve to know exactly what happened on January 6th, 2021.” Hey, Marjorie, you’re apparently the only one who doesn’t know what happened. Most of us are trying to move on from that dreadful day, not continue to relive it. Many of the participants have been charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced. It is obvious that crimes were committed that day, regardless of how Greene wants to portray it. Talk about tax dollars at waste. Her very presence is a waste. What is most humorous is her “reminder” that “the American people paid for the video cameras that are installed all over the Capitol building that they also pay for.” Thanks for your words of enlightenment, Marjorie. We pay for everything in Washington, including your wasted salary.

Greene’s time would be better spent helping her Speaker of the House come to agreeable terms on the debt ceiling. Instead, her focus is on the January 6 tapes and her claim that “drugs and evil forces” caused the gunman in Texas to mow down eight innocent people. Given what we’ve learned so far, the shooter was a right-wing nut (sort of like Greene). In an opportune moment to discuss the dangers of allowing anyone to buy assault weapons, Greene would rather discuss “mental illness, drugs, and evil forces that cause people to commit such horrors.” Evil forces like Jewish space lasers, Marj? Why not, instead, begin a real conversation about how we can stop this madness? How about addressing the real problems facing American society rather than videos from January 6?

It could well be that Greene is simply trying to distract from the real problems facing this country: mass shootings, hate and racism, and how we can make this a better world for everyone, including those who need food stamps and other governmental assistance. They’re not all the bunch of lazy do-nothings that Republicans try to portray them to be. Many are hard-working Americans who need to know their lives can be safely led in schools, in malls, and anywhere else that the public might gather. Evidence exists that Maricio Garcia had mental health issues, but that’s even more reason that he should not have been allowed to purchase death weapons. And Marjorie Taylor Greene is more concerned with security footage about an event we all know too well. She is a complete waste of time, money, and space.

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