Marjorie Taylor Greene is canceling herself

Marjorie Taylor Greene is so concerned about “cancel culture” that she keeps canceling herself. Yes, America is a free country. While you do have benefit of free speech, you cannot speak in such a way as to harm others. Greene and Matt Gaetz were barred from the California venues they had booked for their “America First” tour this past weekend. They, of course, blamed “cancel culture.” Why they chose California in the first place is a mystery. Why not go to one of the red states where they continue to disbelieve the dangers of COVID-19? The answer to that is easy: The numbers are up there, but Greene continues her tirade against COVID, and it has landed her in Twitter jail.

Once they were banned from venues in Riverside, Gaetz and Greene took their sideshow to the streets, in front of City Hall according to Huffington Post. While Gaetz raged about his First Amendment rights, Greene was giving out bad advice relating to COVID, including telling parents not to vaccinate their children nor to allow them to wear masks, even as the delta variant of this virus continues to surge. Just this past Sunday, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the FDA, predicted that unvaccinated Americans will contract the delta variant, which is more serious. Yet, Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks it is a good idea to discourage people from being vaccinated, using her Twitter account as a bullhorn.

According to Washington Post, Twitter suspended Greene after her announcement that coronavirus is “not dangerous for some people.” Now, she is not only an expert on wildfires, but she has apparently been to medical school and can give an expert opinion. Please. The woman is a nut. Where Twitter got it wrong was suspending her for only 12 hours, Twitter’s shortest suspension, which is applied when “it seems like an otherwise healthy account is in the middle of an abusive episode.” Again, please. Virtually everything spewing from this account is abusive, hate-filled, and crazy. When it is “otherwise healthy” is up for debate. The woman must spend her night thinking of things to rant about, and in this case, it was coronavirus.

According to “Dr.” Greene, coronavirus is “not dangerous for non-obese people and those under 65.” Funny, Yahoo recently published the story of an otherwise healthy 24-year-old who refused the vaccine and had to be intubated. He now regrets his choice, yet people like Greene do not help by spreading disinformation on a subject about which she knows nothing. She thinks that if we “defeat obesity,” no one will catch coronavirus. It is people like Greene that led President Biden to say that social media companies are “killing people by allowing misinformation,” Washington Post reported.

Where will it end with Marjorie Taylor Greene? She wallows in controversy created by her own uninformed stupidity yet wants to claim “cancel culture” as the reason she is silenced. No, you are silenced because you are dangerous. Too bad she cannot be permanently silenced by being removed from office and returned to the obscurity she enjoyed before being elected.

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