Joe Biden just nailed it

While the former guy liked to brag about the stock market and low unemployment rates under his presidency, his economic policies and trade wars began to tank the economy even before the COVID pandemic fully hit the country. As the 2020 election rolled around, he hit the panic button about what might happen if he lost the presidency – even before it was obvious that Joe Biden would be the nominee. Like what he predicted about Republicans losing the midterms and his own impeachment, Trump and the GOP were wrong, and now President Biden is bringing the receipts.

Addressing the country on the latest jobs report, Biden noted the most eye-popping figure: “It is true that the economy was sputtering before I got here, adding only 60,000 jobs a month and for three months before I was sworn in. Now six months later we have changed that. We went from 60,000 a month to 60,000 every three days.” Altogether, it makes for three million new jobs in the last six months, the most rapid job growth to take place under any presidential administration.

“Another prediction and it is my favorite, I must add, is that if I got elected I would bring the end to capitalism. I never understood that one,” Biden remarked, as he noticed the sudden influx of growth. The Republicans jumped the gun a bit early by attacking President Biden over job creation back in April, and their window for lying about how they’re the party of job creators is rapidly disappearing. Imagine the results we can see with even more Democrats in Congress and make sure we keep them in power in 2022.

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