Checkmate, Kevin McCarthy

Checkmate! Kevin McCarthy is a fool. McCarthy (fool, insurrection party, California) has been outplayed AGAIN. Gosh, make it stop, I imagine he is thinking.

How could he NOT be thinking that? The man is outfoxed time and time again. And it is a warrior who outmaneuvers him.

Nancy Pelosi (warrior, Democratic party, California) is an extraordinary woman. The way she played this was flawless.

When Nutjob McCarthy made his committee picks, he surely knew that trouble would be ahead of him. (Or maybe he IS that clueless and did not.)

No way was Pelosi going to let Jordan sit on the committee. Jim Jordan (sad sack, insurrection party, Ohio) does not seem to believe there IS anything to investigate. So why in the world would he be allowed onto a committee he despises?

That would be like the former guy picking Palmer Report as his campaign managers. It would never happen. (God forbid.)

So, Pelosi announced her decision, leaving some “news” outlets who had implied she would let his picks remain, with egg on their faces.

So what did Kevin do? He withdrew ALL his picks. Good! Nobody wants them, they would have contributed nothing, and this move succeeds in showing what a moron Kevin is.

Certain media members did not help by effusively praising McCarthy and echoing his claim that the Democrats now look bad.

I want to stress when I criticize some media for this behavior, I am not trying to tell them how to do their jobs. I am not speaking of Rachel or Lawrence, or Don. They know who they are.

So now America will be relieved of several things. We will not have to listen to the Ear-piercing shrieks of Jordan. We will not have to feast our eyes on that hideous pastel blue shirt that he seems never to take off. And we will get a serious investigation. I’d say we hit the trifecta.

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