They were never going to just get away with it all

DOJ launches multimillion dollar crackdown on Roger Stone ahead of inevitable criminal charges. Inspector General lays groundwork for potential criminal charges against Mike Pompeo. This is just the start. Trump and his henchmen were never going to get away with it all.

If Trump had won in 2020, or come close enough for the courts to hand it to him, then yeah, they’d have gotten away with it all and America would be finished. But once Trump lost in a multimillion vote blowout, he and his henchmen were always going down. There wasn’t a different outcome on the table.

Throw in the government‘s confirmation on Thursday that the Trump 2016 campaign conspired with the Kremlin, and it’s clear that all of the Trump-era criminality is now a primary target of the government. It’s likely not a coincidence that all of this is suddenly coming out at once.

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