Marco Rubio just found a whole new way to embarrass himself

Marco Rubio always comes off as being distinctly in over his head. The only trick in his bag is to never take a stand on anything, generically criticize both sides, and try to spin the middle ground as somehow being the high ground.

Now Rubio is finally being forced to pick a side when it comes to Trump’s domestic terrorism, and it’s not going well for him. Rubio appeared on the Chris Wallace show on Fox News this morning and acknowledged that Trump bears “responsibility” for the U.S. Capitol attack, but thinks Trump shouldn’t be put on impeachment trial in the Senate because it might “stir up” the people who carried out the attack.

This is pathetic, even for Marco Rubio. When has the United States ever made a decision about whether to put a criminal on trial and based it on whether that criminal’s violent acolytes might carry out more violence in retaliation? If this is Rubio’s position, then he doesn’t belong anywhere in the United States government, and he should resign.

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