Ted Cruz is getting utterly destroyed by Seth Rogen and you love to see it

It’s always a bad sign for a United States Senator when he finds himself locked in a bitter feud with a comedian. Shouldn’t a Senator have better things to do with his time? It’s even worse for that Senator when he’s getting utterly destroyed by that comedian.

Senator Ted Cruz has been feuding with comedian Seth Rogen all weekend, and let’s just say that Rogen is winning at every turn. It’s not surprising that Rogen is acquitting himself well, as he’s smart and politically adept. What’s remarkable is just how badly Ted Cruz is losing the battle, considering Cruz is one of the people who’s in charge of the government.

Cruz is also behaving in a manner that’s particularly unbecoming. When Rogen cursed at Cruz, Cruz responded by joking that Rogen must have Tourette’s. So now a U.S. Senator is making fun of everyone who has that particular neurological condition. Cruz also called Rogen a “moron” which is also unbecoming of a Senator. Rogen finally seemed to shut Cruz up this afternoon by saying “Your lies got people killed. You have blood on your hands.”

What’s remarkable is that Seth Rogen is coming off as far more knowledgeable about politics than “Senator” Ted Cruz, and Rogen is also coming off as far more temperamentally fit for office than Cruz. As far as we’re concerned, Cruz’s behavior in this feud should disqualify him for office. And that’s before getting to the part where Cruz committed domestic terrorism. He needs to be expelled.

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