This is what empowerment feels like

Not since November 2008 has the Democratic Party held majorities in the House and the Senate, along with the Presidency, which lasted the first two years of Obama’s administration. However, this time feels much different.

Back in 2008, Democrats were the object of Republican bullying tactics and put on the defense while struggling to remain bipartisan in the name of democracy. The vilification of Nancy and Hillary begun decades before by the Republican (and Putin) misinformation machines continued with the intention of thwarting their careers. It worked against Hillary but not Nancy. McConnell destroyed the Judiciary branch, but not democracy. Putin is former KGB and plays the long game. None of this was accidental.


Now after regaining control of the Executive and Legislative branches on November 3, 2020 and January 5, 2021, the Democratic Party must use these first two years of the Biden Administration to right the many wrongs committed by the GOP under whatever corrupt influence (the truth about which is about to be revealed). The GOP relinquished their right to bipartisanship and Democrats have built a great offense. This is what empowerment feels like.

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