Now that’s just rude

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Donald Trump held a press conference today after losing control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. He appeared to read a document which falsely spun Republican successes. When the opportunity came to answer questions from the press, Trump became downright hostile.

During one exchange with Jim Acosta from CNN, Trump stepped out from behind the podium when Acosta refused to stop speaking and refused to take a seat. He challenged Acosta and called him a “terrible person.” The exchange continued, and several other reporters who followed also received the wrath of a “President” who does not want to answer questions. He is warning Democrats who intend to do their jobs and take on an oversight role including investigations, that “two can play at that game.” He further went on to state that if such investigations occur, it would end all hope for any governing to occur.

It is clear, both from Trump’s hostile tone, and his aggressive manner, that he does not want to be challenged in any way; truth is a variable in Trump World. The plan is clearly to continue making things up as he goes along. We learned a few more things: Trump’s taxes are supposedly still under audit. No one would have the ability to understand his tax return, so there is no reason that the public needs to see it. Trump has a solution for solving the Pro-choice/Pro-life disagreements, and no one else has that solution… and other sheer nonsense.

In spite of losing the House, which is the equivalent of a massive commentary on his historic unpopularity, Donald Trump sees himself as a deeply popular person. He is still delusional about the size of the crowds and he is, without a doubt, the rudest “President” in American history. He can also get along with the “qualified” Nancy Pelosi. It’s a shame that no one asked him about “low IQ” Maxine Waters, who is about to head the House Financial Services Committee.