Donald Trump throws Louis DeJoy under the bus

It’s not clear what Louis DeJoy thought he would be gaining by coming out of the shadows to become Donald Trump’s Postmaster General. By sabotaging the Post Office ahead of the election, perhaps DeJoy steered some profit toward his own shipping company. But Trump’s Post Office sabotage didn’t hand him the election, and so now DeJoy is expendable to him.

Trump has gone on a Twitter tirade today, accusing USPS of having rigged the election against him. That’s right, Trump is now effectively accusing Louis DeJoy of felony election fraud. This is notable in that DeJoy actually did commit election fraud – in Trump’s favor. This allegation could open the door for the Feds to charge DeJoy after Trump is gone.

In any case, DeJoy’s time in the Post Office spotlight led to the discovery of his decade-long pattern of campaign finance fraud, and the resulting confirmation by the North Carolina Attorney General that it was being looked into.

Whatever Louis DeJoy thought he was going to get out of this, it was all based on the presumption that Donald Trump would win the election. Now that Trump has lost, DeJoy is merely yet another Trump henchman who has been thrown under the bus by Trump, and is facing legal troubles. The story always ends the same way.

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