Yep, Louis DeJoy really is going to prison

When the news broke this weekend that Trump Postmaster General Louis DeJoy had spent a decade pressuring employees to make political donations and using company bonuses to reimburse them, it left little doubt that DeJoy is going to end up in prison over it. This is the kind of campaign finance felony you always go down for โ€“ and he did it in a state where the laws are actually enforced.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is now telling MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that the “consequences of a corporation reimbursing an employee for a political donation” are in fact a felony in North Carolina, and that โ€“ importantly โ€“ there is no statute of limitations. In other words, DeJoy is going down on state charges, and Donald Trump can’t protect him.


This leaves Louis DeJoy in a desperate no-win position. Even if Trump gets him off the hook for the federal crimes he’s committed as Postmaster General, DeJoy is going to prison in North Carolina no matter how the election plays out. At this point DeJoy’s life is basically over unless he cuts a plea deal before the election, while he still has the leverage of trading away his resignation as part of the plea deal.

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