Louis DeJoy is on the clock

Just before Donald Trump left office, he rewarded some of his loyalists like Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer by appointing them to federal government positions that it’s almost impossible to fire someone from: advisory boards. But this week President Joe Biden fired them anyway.

This led some observers to ask what took so long. The Biden administration didn’t give a reason for the firings. But given that Biden fired some other Trump appointees within days of taking office, it seems a given that Biden only waited this long because he first had to establish legal footing for firing them. Otherwise they could have gone to court and gotten themselves reinstated, which would have been the real nightmare scenario.

Yet Biden, who has spent most of his life navigating the nuances of the federal government, has found a way to oust them anyway. This all but confirms that Biden also intends to oust Trump’s corrupt Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Of course DeJoy is far more difficult to oust, because the President can’t fire him directly, and instead has to keep changing out the Postal Board until it has a majority willing to fire him. Biden has already taken several steps in that direction, but it’s a long and complex process.

Biden just proved that he’s still intent on ousting corrupt and improper Trump nominees. This means he’ll surely find a way to oust Louis DeJoy as well. At this point it’s fair to say DeJoy is on the clock. If DeJoy were smart, he’d cut a resignation plea deal soon, given that multiple reports this year that the Feds are investigating him for felony campaign finance fraud.

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