Good news out of Virginia

Congratulations Virginians! This week, after careful collaboration and planning, the statue in Richmond, Virginia, of Robert E. Lee was removed. And it was a sight to see. It is so nice to see this happen for Virginia.

The state had been through so much. Many were traumatized many years ago, with hate groups marching about in Charlottesville and the horrific murder of Heather Heyer. That tragic day will never be forgotten.

But this week, the statue of the Confederate General came down. And many were there to bear witness. The statue came down among cheering, clapping, and jubilation. People watched transfixed on their phones as the event was live-streamed. Videos of the event popped up all over the internet, in particular on social media.

Virginians danced and clapped proudly on Monument Avenue. It was quite a celebration. And with good reason! This was America’s largest Confederate statue. It reportedly weighs more than 12 tons. And it is pretty damn good to witness its removal.

Naturally, the former guy is taking the news rather badly, which is yet one more reason to celebrate its removal. The insurrectionist had a bit of a melt-down and even spoke favorably about Lee, which should surprise nobody. Congratulations to the state of Virginia and activists everywhere.

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