The MAGA loons are at it again

Anger. It is all around us, swirling about in its torrid way, waiting to infect the souls of many. Anger can destroy a person. Individuals who let their souls be compromised by rage run the risks of being broken by this rage, emotionally and physically. Anger is its own disease. And when it infects, the consequences can be catastrophic.

This is precisely what happened on January Sixth. And now, the participants of that horrific and treacherous day are being held to account. Aristotle said this about anger: “Let anger be a desire, accompanied by pain, for a perceived revenge, on account of a perceived slight on the part of people who are not fit to slight me or one’s own.”

It is never good to let oneself be controlled by it. And this anger is not yet over. Police in D.C. are planning to reinstall the Capitol fence. This is because MAGA is planning a rally there to protest the fact that the insurrectionists of January Sixth are facing the consequences for their actions.

I am not worried about our ability to defend ourselves from any possible attack at this rally. The security is being amped up, and insurrectionists are continuing to be arrested.

A new video has been released from the FBI of the suspect who planted pipe Bombs the night before the insurrection. I have a strong feeling this will result in many tips. It also shows the FBI are doing their jobs which are to hold these angry and lawless individuals accountable. Anger hurts. It wounds, and occasionally it kills. But when we respond to it in a lawful and just way, we can hold those who use it to break laws, to account.

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