Mike Pompeo’s life just became a lot more difficult

We’re not sure if failed Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has a good publicist or what, but every time he delusionally floats the idea of running for some future office, major media outlets (on the left and right) always hype him as if he’s a viable candidate. Palmer Report has consistently pointed out that Pompeo isn’t running for anything, because while at the State Department he left a trail of corruption that was always going to catch up to him once Trump was gone.

Sure enough, the State Department Inspector General has compiled a report confirming that Mike Pompeo corruptly violated every ethics rule in the book. This report alone will ensure that Pompeo never runs for any office – at least not successfully, as the report would be a goldmine of dirt for use by his opponents. But this may just be the beginning.


Now it’s up to the Department of Justice to decide whether the State Department IG report’s findings include a criminal level of corruption, and whether Mike Pompeo should be criminally charged for it. It’s notable that Pompeo already has his lawyer providing rebuttals to the report – and that Pompeo’s lawyer is trying to shift the blame to Pompeo’s wife. We’re guessing that won’t go over particularly well.

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