Fox News gets caught in the act

Fox Non-News has taken its hypocrisy to shiny new levels.

The network has something they are not telling their viewers.

This is not good. I believe that viewers should know EVERYTHING about what type of propaganda-excuse me-news they are about to view.

So what is it that the frantic hate station is hiding?

Why it’s about COVID, of course.

As the station continues to hurt and kill their viewers with propaganda and inaccurate information, they ARE NOT telling these viewers that Fox does indeed take COVID seriously.

How do I know this? Because Fox has a COVID policy. And according to many reports, it is quite a strict one.

It would make many a Maga wince in horror, most likely. Perhaps Fox would even lose viewers over it!

You see, Fox is only allowing vaccinated employees back to work.

FULLY vaccinated employees.

“No, that can’t be true!” many a MAGA would argue. Fox is against vaccines. Right? Right?

Well, no, they actually aren’t.

You see, MAGA, you have been brainwashed. Your minds have been taken over by ruthless hacks determined to make some good ole money off you.

Fox now has vaccine passports–the very thing your hero Tucker rails AGAINST.

If one is not vaccinated, to get to work at the Fox offices, one has to-gasp-wear a mask.

How shameful!

So as you laugh at masking up, MAGA, remember this: The people telling you COVID is not real are, in fact, liars. Everybody knows it but you. Most are likely vaccinated. The ones who are not vaccinated are wearing masks, at least at times–the very things they try to tell YOU are toxic.

Indoctrination works, and many of you are proof of that. Fox is nothing but a very profitable con. More and more people see this. Do you?

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