Wait, Donald Trump said WHAT about women?

After Donald Trump decisively lost the debate last night, and thus blew his last best shot in front of a massive national TV audience, Palmer Report warned you that Trump would resort to increasingly dumb stunts to try to get attention. Now he’s doing precisely that.

During his rally in Florida, which wasn’t widely televised, Trump made a point of saying something that he knew would get him plenty of media attention after the fact. While bashing Kamala Harris, Trump said this: “We’re not going to have a socialist president, especially a female socialist president. We’re not gonna have it, we’re not gonna put up with it.”

No really, he said this. To be clear, Kamala Harris is certainly no socialist. But that’s beside the point. Donald Trump is flat out saying that whatever he might find objectionable about that particular ideology, it’ll be even worse if it comes from a woman. We all know Trump is a sexist pig, but this is blatant even for him.

The thing is, this won’t help Donald Trump at all. Sure, it’ll get him some additional media attention. But if anything, this kind of remark could be enough to convince any on-the-fence women voters to go ahead and vote against him. Yet Trump still seems to think this is all about ratings and attention, not about winning over voters. No wonder he’s losing.

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