Trump lawyer Lin Wood is having a really bad day

Trump lawyer Lin Wood made himself infamous for falsely claiming that the 2020 election was rigged. He made himself a pariah when he began threatening violence against Mike Pence, among other dangerously inappropriate remarks. Now Wood may have made himself an inmate.

Despite the claims of conspiracy theorists like Lin Wood, voter fraud is exceedingly rare. But now it turns out there may indeed have been one instance of voter fraud in Georgia – committed by Lin Wood. That’s right, the state now says it’s investigating whether Wood illegally voted in the Georgia election while he was a resident of South Carolina.

It’s not clear how far this will go in a legal sense. To be criminally charged with voter fraud, there generally has to be fraudulent intent, and not merely an honest mistake. But at the least, this completely takes the legs out from Wood’s core argument about voter fraud. Just about the only case of voter fraud in Georgia was committed by him.

This comes after the Georgia bar launched an investigation into whether to disbar him from practicing law, and decided to seek a mental health evaluation of him. Meanwhile we’re still waiting to see whether he’ll face criminal charges for his explicit threat to kill Mike Pence. In any case, Lin Wood is having quite a bad day as it is.

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