Mitch McConnell and Marjorie Taylor Greene are now feuding with each other as things get uglier for the Republicans

The rise of Marjorie Taylor Greene was inevitable. She is the Frankenstein monster who rose from the Republican party’s refusal to control Donald Trump. The Faustian deal that filled the Supreme Court and the federal benches has come to collect the other side of the bargain.

Donald Trump was never a principled Republican. Trump is a power-hungry grifter. From Trump’s rise to power, the factions under the Republican Party each extracted their meaning. McConnell filled the courts. Like Matt Gaetz and Lindsay Graham, the hangers-on hoped for gravity to drop some power upon them. The racists freely came out into the open to preach hate.

The unfortunate by-products of the end of the Trump era are many. We have a new crop of those hoping to replicate Trump’s success, a regeneration of hate, and those who are desperate to hang on to power, no matter what.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has has swept in and announced her allegiance to Trump, hoping to secure her rise among Trump voters that still support Trump. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s scheduled chat with Greene has no stated goal. Has McCarthy come forward to denounce the violent and racist words of Greene? Has he done anything to quell possible violence that is yet another foreseeable result of such rhetoric? Of course not. Kevin McCarthy is the jackass who gave Donald Trump a jar of pink and red Starburst candies because those are Trump’s favorites.

Should we place any stock in Mitch McConnell’s denouncement of Greene? Maybe there is some hope for next week’s impeachment trial. Mitch’s response is just too little, too late. McConnell was the parent who let their child run wild at the park, then denied responsibility when others got hurt.

Marjorie Taylor Green’s elevation, like the violence at the Capitol on January 6th, was predictable. Every Republican who failed to prevent Trump’s takeover of their party is responsible for where we are today.

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