Lindsey Graham is melting down in real time

Poor Lindsey Graham. Once a semi-respected Senator while under John McCain’s wing, he’s now devolved into a sadsack partisan hack. You’d think he’d see the writing on the wall and realize that, one way or another, Trump is done and, anyway, he’ll ultimately turn on Graham like he’s done to everybody else, including Mike Pence. It’s time for Graham to look around for a new powerful man to latch onto like the parasite he is. But no, Sad Little Lindsey’s still out there beating the drum/dead horse for Trump.

As reported by Acyn Torabi, Graham has now made a peculiar threat concerning Trump’s second impeachment trial: “If Democrats vote to call a single witness, ‘we’ll want the FBI to come in’” to report on “how people actually preplanned these attacks and what happened with the security footprint at the Capitol.”

So Graham thinks Democrats won’t want to have other witnesses who can delve deeply into the involvement of Trump, his family & cronies – and possibly Graham’s Republican Hill colleagues? To learn more of the prior coordination between Trump allies and those who carried out the attacks, including the seemingly sinister January 5th meeting at Trump International Hotel where plots may have been hatched and orders given? To learn more of how Acting DOD Secretary Miller came to issue his odd, utterly inappropriate directive that National Guard Troops not be equipped to defend themselves?


The mob was incited to subvert democracy by thwarting the lawful functioning of Congress in certifying States’ electoral votes – and violently attacked Capitol Police, leading to deaths and serious injuries. So yes, Lindsey Graham, please make good on your threat to bring in the FBI so the Senate and the American people can learn the depths of Trump’s treachery.

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