Donald Trump’s berserk attack on Nancy Pelosi was even worse than we thought

Democratic leaders met with Donald Trump today in the hope of talking some sense into him about his deadly pullout from northern Syria. It went so poorly, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ended up walking out in disgust, before revealing in a press conference that Trump had what Pelosi called a “meltdown.” It turns out Trump’s meltdown was even worse than the press conference suggested.

Chuck Schumer announced during the press conference that Donald Trump went berserk and started attacking Nancy Pelosi, calling her a “third rate politician.” But now Pelosi is clarifying to the media that Trump actually called her a “third grade politician.” That means Trump apparently accused Pelosi of being a third grader, or ostensibly, an eight year old.

Strangely, this isn’t the first time Donald Trump has used the term. Back in 2015, he also referred to politician Sandra Ruiz as a “third grade politician.” Clearly Trump has never had much of a grasp on the English language, but now he’s hurling his nonsensical insults in the face of the Speaker of the House.

We’re not even sure what to make of this, other than that the President of the United States has completely lost his ability to function on any level. Donald Trump cannot remain in office going forward. Based on his deteriorating mental and psychological condition, it’s no longer even safe for this guy to walk down the street. It’s time for the Republican Senate to come around and support Pelosi’s impeachment effort, while we still have some semblance of a government left.

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