Legal expert says Trump’s DOJ election scandal further opens door to federal criminal charges against him

If Donald Trump truly didn’t try to pardon himself before leaving office, and it’s not secretly sitting in a drawer somewhere, then right about now Trump is surely wishing he had done it. Tonight the NYT exposed that Trump criminally conspired with a DOJ official to try to overthrow the election result in Georgia – and it’s about to get truly ugly for him.

Former prosecutor Andrew Weissman appeared on the Lawrence O’Donnell show on Friday night and stated his view that this scandal opens up Trump to federal criminal charges from the DOJ and state criminal charges in Georgia.

There’s been no word on whether incoming U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is planning to bring a federal criminal case against Trump, but the Fulton County District Attorney in Georgia has already confirmed that she’s criminally investigating Trump’s actions. This new bombshell would seem to sharply increase the odds that Trump will end up facing criminal charges on the federal level and in Georgia.

This is in addition to the Manhattan District Attorney’s ongoing grand jury probe against Donald Trump, which seems set to criminally indict Trump on financial charges.

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