House Republicans’ gun obsession could cost them in the wallet

Some House Republicans are unusually obsessed with guns. They cling to these machines that are intended to intimidate and kill, yet they can’t seem to cling to real morals or values. Even after the deadly events at the Capitol on January 6th, some GOP members of Congress don’t want to cooperate with measures put into place for their safety – simple things like passing through a metal detector and hand wandings. These security steps are fast and easy, but some Republicans act like they’re an unbearable inconvenience. It’s a sorry state of affairs when we have to spend time on this never-ending argument about firearms in this country.

The deranged new representative from Colorado’s third congressional district, Lauren Boebert, has already had her own kerfuffles with security personnel at the Capitol. In fact, Rep. Boebert now faces a $5000 fine that would be withdrawn from her pay (she can’t use campaign funds to pay fines for her foul-ups). Boebert isn’t the only congressional Republican to cause a stir at the magnetometers; joining her in this dubious distinction are about half a dozen representatives, including Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Andy Harris (R-MD).

If a member of Congress is packing heat, there are only two reasons for this. The first reason is to intimidate or harm other members, and the second reason is to protect oneself from other members. Legislators shouldn’t have the need to intimidate or protect themselves from other legislators. Gun-obsessed Republicans need to let security professionals do their jobs without interference, and they need to stop the gun distractions and focus on working for the American people. As Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL) says, “if you can’t simply walk through a metal detector, then walk through the exit door.”

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