We told you Brett Kavanaugh was in real legal trouble

This week, Senate Democrats accomplished two specific goals. First they used committee hearings to expose the antics and extremism of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, forcing certain Senate Republicans to think twice about whether voting for him could cost them reelection. Second, the Democrats managed to get Kavanaugh to commit perjury under oath, while proving that he previously committed perjury as well. On Friday, Palmer Report explained why Kavanaugh could end up facing real legal consequences when this is all said and done. Now those consequences are already starting to play out.

This morning the Democratic Coalition announced that it has filed a criminal perjury complaint against Brett Kavanaugh with the Department of Justice. This begins to lay the legal groundwork for a criminal perjury case against Kavanaugh, and on some level gets the ball rolling for a federal criminal investigation into Kavanaugh. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the DOJ will promptly launch an investigation into him, but it is a start.

This comes after Palmer Report explained why it’s starting to feel like Brett Kavanaugh will end up in prison when this is over. Even if he is confirmed, the Democrats can – and likely will – use his felony perjury to force him off the Supreme Court the next time they have control of the Senate. Considering the seriousness of the hearings in which he committed perjury, there would be every reason to expect the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Washington DC to pursue him on it once the issue is forced.

The Democratic Coalition has also filed a judicial ethics complaint against Brett Kavanaugh, requesting that Kavanaugh’s actions be reviewed by – ironically enough – Chief Judge Merrick Garland. This serves as a reminder that the fight to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination is just getting started, even as Senate Democrats ramp up their efforts at destroying him.

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