This just keeps getting stranger

Donald Trump has four days left in his presidency – perhaps less than that if he tries to follow through on any of his latest potential antics. Trump has now apparently hitched himself to a last ditch plan from the My Pillow guy, which the My Pillow guy was dumb enough to place within camera lens range of a newspaper photographer, because these people really are just that stupid.

But that’s only the half of it. Even amid disturbing new mainstream media reports about just how close Trump came to getting Mike Pence killed during the Capitol attack, Pence still sees fit to allow Trump to finish out the rest of his term. The only thing that could get even stranger about all of this is if Trump’s My Pillow stunt ends up being the thing that prompts Pence to change his mind about removing him.

Trump is still losing cabinet members who mistakenly think that resigning in protest at the last minute is somehow going to save their reputations and future employability. Trump is surely going to pardon some more people before he leaves office, and the only thing we know for sure is that they’ll all be terrible people. This stuff is just par for the course, at least for another four days.

Meanwhile there’s a worsening pandemic still going on, and President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to fix the vaccine rollout is every bit as solid as Trump’s ongoing mishandling of it. Of course we haven’t had a President for four years, so what’s another four days? We’re about to find out.

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