“This thing is a killer” – newly released Woodward tapes are even uglier for Donald Trump

When Bob Woodward released a recording last week of Donald Trump admitting that he’d lied to the American people about the coronavirus threat, Palmer Report pointed out that more such bombshells were definitely coming. After all, the book had to be full of this kind of stuff. Sure enough, anther bombshell just dropped.

CNN is now reporting that Donald Trump said this to Bob Woodward in April about the coronavirus: “This thing is a killer if it gets you. If you’re the wrong person, you don’t have a chance … So this rips you apart … It is the plague.” This is at a time when Trump was still publicly insisting that it was a hoax, or that it was no worse than the flu, and that it would magically be gone soon.

This is so damning, we’re not even sure what to say. For one thing, it’s yet another confession to felony negligent homicide, and perhaps to second degree murder. These recordings demonstrate that for all his ignorance and worsening cognitive issues, Trump knew full well what the nature of the coronavirus was, and he lied to the American people in a manner that he knew would result in their deaths. These tapes will end up being admitted as evidence at his trial.

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