Kelly Loeffler crashes and burns

In retrospect, Kelly Loeffler wasn’t a very good pick for a senatorial candidate. Gov. Brian Kemp had her in mind because of her financial ties – knowing all along that she had more to offer the party than Trump sycophant Doug Collins ever could. Unfortunately, what seemed like her biggest asset is looking more and more like a liability, since her finances are falling under scrutiny – suggesting she not only knew COVID was a threat, she invested in PPE before the pandemic hit and then downplayed its seriousness anyway. The hole runs deeper, though – with yet another scandal potentially linking her to her running mate, David Perdue, who’s also facing insider trading scandals of his own. Now, there’s another remnant from her past that’s coming to light at an unfortunate time.

During the peak of the Great Recession, Kelly Loeffler was the top communications executive at International Exchange, where her husband was CEO. During that time, she helped companies avoid paying U.S. taxes overseas by setting up a fake headquarters on the Cayman Islands. International Exchange was one of 19,000 companies registered at the infamous Ugland House, which was derided by Congress in the late 2000s as a poster child for tax haven abuse. Loeffler doesn’t work for the company anymore, but she still holds a stake in the company worth half a billion dollars.

This news is coming at the worst possible time for Loeffler, as Donald Trump’s former favorite operative, Roger Stone is encouraging a “write-in Trump” campaign for the Georgia runoffs. Loeffler is accused of doing one of the things that Trump was railing against when he launched his presidential campaign. As Republicans continue to fight amongst themselves, it’s a prime opportunity for us to run up the score with voter registration and volunteering so we can get her opponent, Rev. Raphael Warnock elected.

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