Trump-Russia scandal lands on Erik Prince’s head

It’s definitely hit the fan for Erik Prince. If you’re him, that’s the song you’re singing right now while pondering those “Russian waitresses” as you claim to be an “innocent bystander” in the Seychelles.

That’s not the only reason why Erik Prince is singing that tune right now. There’s a billion reasons why he has to sing loud and proud to every word Warren Zevon has already sung and in any key Robert Mueller wants to hear it in. If Erik Prince were wise, he would throw in a little tap dance for the whole audience too, because he knows he needs all the lawyers money can buy if he wants to continue being a hired gun.

Right now, even if you’re under Federal Indictment, you’re not allowed to purchase additional guns, ammo or any other deadly weapons. While I’m sure the Prince of Darkness has an ample supply, that’s not good news for someone like him who buys and sells guns that come equipped with what some would call, trigger happy operators. If he’s convicted, he turns into a coffee boy when he’s done serving his time (link).


Erik Prince has spent a lifetime sharpening his deadly skills and private army for hire and he’s not about to give it all up for the Village Idiot who couldn’t even change a flat tire if his life depended on it. He’s gonna sing for his supper. In the meantime, Erik Prince is definitely wishing he was hiding out in Honduras somewhere as Robert Mueller holds the future of his global empire in his tiny little briefcase. Oh yes. Erik Prince is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He gambled with Trump and is now “down on his luck.”

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