Someone from Donald Trump’s past just sold him out hardcore to Robert Mueller

In any mafia style investigation, the most efficient path to bringing the kingpin to justice is to pressure those closest to him to flip on him. In fact Special Counsel Robert Mueller was the one who used these kinds of tactics years ago to take down the likes of John Gotti and Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. Mueller has been using this strategy against Donald Trump in aggressive fashion. Now he may have scored his biggest insider betrayal to date.

It turns out Trump wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013, inviting him to come to the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow. More specifically, Trump had someone type the letter, and then he did some additional hand writing on it. Somehow, Mueller has obtained a copy of this letter. Assuming that no one on Putin’s end is leaking this kind of thing to Mueller, that would leave only the possibility that someone who was very close to Trump in 2013 has sold him out.

It’s mind-blowing to think that Mueller has obtained such a letter, but the Washington Post says that he indeed has (link). The letter itself lays out just how desperate Trump was to get in tight with Putin, but it doesn’t appear to reveal any specific legal wrongdoing. The bigger upshot here is that someone, who was close enough to Trump back in 2013 to have been able to get hands on this letter, is fully cooperating with Mueller. If this person is willing to turn over the letter, then this person is willing to turn over just about anything. Financial records. Emails. You name it.

So who’s the Judas here? Most of the prominent names in the Trump-Russia scandal have to be ruled out, because they weren’t part of Donald Trump’s operation back in 2013. Instead we’re talking about someone who was working closely enough with Trump back then to have known the letter existed, and to have had physical access to it. That’s a very small list of people, and they’re some of Trump’s closest longtime personal confidants. One of them has sold him out hardcore to Robert Mueller. That should drive Trump to even more paranoid and berserk levels than usual.

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