Kevin McCarthy needs to go

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy just voiced his opposition to impeachment. Sure, he criticized Trump, but he’s still refusing to support impacting him. McCarthy has always been a miserable failure, an opportunistic thug, and a worthless coward. He can be expelled with the rest of the Republican insurrectionists. After all, he’s their boss, and he surely knew on some level what they were plotting.

At this point I have no choice but to support Liz Cheney to replace McCarthy as House Minority Leader. I despise Cheney and most of what she stands for. But at least she’s drawing the line on Trump, which she’s been doing for awhile now. It’s something that a complicit coward like McCarthy never could bring himself to do.

The real shame is that the Republican Party has plunged so deep into the abyss that someone like Liz Cheney is now its relative voice of reason, and someone like Mitt Romney is its relative conscience. Cheney and Romney are not good people. But at least they’re not Trump co-conspirators.

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